YU INFO 2015 in Kopaonik

YU INFO 2015, Kopaonik

Over 300 participants have gathered together on the twenty first YU INFO conference held in the Kopaonik Congress Center in the period March 8-11, 2015. The conference confirmed the continuity of the gathering of experts in the field of information and communication technologies. 99 original, previously unpublished papers with scientific and technical contributions were accepted. The quality of papers and corresponding presentations delivered at the conference were at a high level.

Zoran Nikolic from University of Niš presented the paper titled “BAEKTEL Platform as a Model for Integration Theoretical and Vocational Knowledge at Universities in Serbia’’, with results obtained in the framework of Tempus BAEKTEL project. The presentation was performed under the topic: Computer applications, data protection and data security. Bearing in mind the European program of fostering the quality of education, innovative learning environments and new learning methods based on new technologies and on digital contents, this paper has analyzed in detail importance of OERs, as well as the possibility of introducing OERs in higher education institutions. In this regard, BAEKTEL platform whose mission is to establish a new framework for the implementation of TEL was also analyzed. Based on these analyzes, and starting from the existing criteria for the position of teacher at universities in Serbia, model for the introduction of additional conditions for the position of teacher through the obligation of preparation and implementation of a number of OERs on BAEKTEL platform was proposed.