MEETING SUMMARY – HAKATON 2016 at Faculty for Information Technology, University "Mediterranean" Podgorica

On Saturday, May 28, at the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT), University "Mediterranean" Podgorica organized competition HAKATON 2016 for high school and university students . The theme of this year's HAKATON was the creation of Online Educational Resources using free and open source software. The aim of the competition is to promote the importance and possibilities of online education to young people and increase awareness and importance of the development of OER . HAKATON 2016 was organized with the support of BAEKTEL project.

Competition was attended by 40 students from all Universities and high schools in Montenegro Before competition students were introduced to purpose and activities of the BAEKTEL project. During practical workshop organized by BAKTEL team members, students were able to learn about the development of open educational resources (OER) at edX platform After the mentoring sessions and opportunities to improve their idea, project teams presented their work - interactive online courses created on BAKTEL edX platform in front of a five-member jury.

First prize was awarded to the team "SHIFT" . Milos Ojdanic and Djordje Kalezic), students of the second year of Faculty of Information Technology,University “Mediterannean” presented the online course "Introduction to Programming android mobile applications." Within the online course they have created 30 educational video tutorials and a large number of online tests that enable learning on interesting and effective way.

Second prize was awarded to the team "FIST" . Nikola Perovic, Aleksandra Gacević, Jovana Otasević, Luka Rasović are first-year students of the Faculty of Information Systems and Technology, University of Donja Gorica presented the online course "Advance techniques in Excel - application for review of a product "

Special prize was assigned to the team high school students "RANDOM". Tamara Knezevic, Lazar Gazdić and Tamara Gazdić, students of fourth year at Gymnasium "Slobodan Skerovic", Podgorica created an interactive online course "Algorithms".

All students has showed great interest for creating OERs and using interactive educational resources (video, online test, educational gra) in the classroom. The three winning online courses will be published on BAEKTEL edX platform.

Sponsors of HAKATON 2016 IT Companies Čikom, DLink and Click Computers have provided valuable prizes for the winners of the competition. Partner of HAKATAN 2016 was creative agency agency Bild Studio. The information about competition was published in online media, daily newspaper and ATLAS TV.

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