Technical and dissemination meeting, Belgrade September 29-30, 2016

e-learning 2016

Technical and dissemination meeting was held at Metropolitan University. Event took place from September 29th to September 30th. Within the conference, there were presented three papers related with TEMPUS project BAEKTEL.

One of the paper was Advantages and challenges in presnting mathematical content using edX platform. This paper presents a pioneer project in this area, creation of OER course “Preparation for entry exam”, using the edX platform. The course “Preparation for entry exam” is aimed at presenting course materials to help freshmen prepare for entrance exam. In this paper advantages and challenges in the process of creating such a course will be discussed. Special attention is paid to presenting mathematical content within open educational platforms. The paper also assesses this course from the pedagogical and didactical points of view.

The second paper was Towards translation of educational resources using Giza++. It presents approach to overcomeing language barriers in e-learning. The tools for translation of e-learning courses and translation support are nowadays one of the most important topics in this area. E-learning course translation is a very special service that requires specific subject-matter expertise and high technical skills from everyone involved. The paper presents the current state of research in course translation. The translation of electronic courses is an ongoing activity at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Mining and Geology and the first results using the GIZA++ tool for training statistical translation models will be presented. The paper also describes the translation memory in the form of parallel sentences or phrases required by GIZA++ for the learning algorithm.

The third paper was Terminological and lexical resources used to provide Open multinlingual educational resources. This paper describes resources and services used within BAEKTEL (Blending Academic and Entrepreneurial Knowledge in Technology enhanced learning) network. In order to successfully cope with multilingualism within the network, especially where terminology is concerned, a language support system is developed within the BAEKTEL metadata portal. This paper describes the linguistic component of the system, the resources and tools used as an educational system as a whole and to improve the visibility of resources in the Internet. This component consists of morphological dictionaries, WordNet, domain specific terminological resources such as GeolISSterm, RudOnto, aligned texts in TMX format, corpora etc. Special attention is given to Termi, newly developed application for terminology management.