Regional meeting, 20-22 of October 2016 Tuzla

Tuzla oktobar 2016

The project manager for UNTZ, Prof. Adila Nurić, and the management of UNTZ, the Rector and Vice-rectors, as well as the Dean of RGGF Tuzla welcomed the guests. They expressed their wish for continuation of cooperation and stressed the advantages of participating in this project and similar projects.

The meeting continued with a review of previous project activities at UNTZ presented by prof. Kasapović for all work packages of the project. Then a short overview of the future activities at UNTZ were presented by UNTZ project manager.

WP 2: Report DEV 2.4, which was prepared by colleagues from Banja Luka was presented. A suggestion was made that each partner adds to the report who will use the equipment and for which purpose it has been acquired. Partner institutions that had to repeat the tender procedure should mention this fact.

WP 4: There was a discussion about the procedures for publishing OERs, support to existing BAEKTEL network, on the quality and distribution of OER materials, as well as on further training of human resources. Prof. Ivan Obradović expressed his satisfaction with the activities so far carried out by UNTZ project team, and noted that it is necessary to animate entrepreneurs for the next period of the project BAEKTEL and develop stronger BAEKTEL links with the labor market. A common opinion of all present was that existing materials that are placed at the edX platform need to be be consolidated or supplemented, especially with video materials.

WP 7: The proposal of the invitation letter of intent to create BOER network was analyzed. It was noted that Prof. Nikolić and UNI team prepared an excellent material that should be implemented as soon as possible. The material for the action and the strategic plan were slightly amended. It was agreed that efforts should be made towards the sustainability of the project after the expiry of the project term. One proposal was that prof. Nikolic prepares an invitation letter to other universities and entrepreneurs to join BOER network. The amended letter of intent for establishing BOER network should be sent to prof. Nikolić and he should forward it to Roberto Linzalone, who need to pass this letter to all rectors and directors for signing. One proposal was to add within the project portal a list of founders of BOER network and affiliates of the network (once BOER is established). The connection with Baden network should also be established.

WP 3: Prof. Ranka Stanković presented the results of DEV 3.3 by going through the process of creating terminological resources, as well as presenting standards and tools, such as ''memoQ '' Trados '' for aligned texts (translation memories, TMX) and terminology (translation databases, TBX), which are now the industry standard. It was noted that it is necessary that terms from RGGF materials are linked with metadata, that definitions are added, and instructions were given for abbreviations and synonyms.

The end of the first day of the regional meeting was at 17:20 pm, with the adopted plan of activities for Friday.

WP 3: Ranka Stanković held a workshop on working with the web application to manage terminological resources TERMI. For those who used the application for the first time, the workshop started by opening accounts and reporting at TERMI portal. Then procedures for entry defined by Dev 3.3 were presented and terms were entered by all present.

WP 6: At 12:30, a short interview to cantonal television about the project BAEKTEL was given.

Participants at the round table, besides representatives of BAEKTEL project partner institutions were directors of prestigious companies from Tuzla Canton. In attendance were director of the Brown Coal Mine Banovici Munever Čergić, director of Mine Kreka Osman Bleković, expert for mine sector at the Electric Power Industry Muamer Omerhodžić, a representative of the private firm Rudar Asmir Kadrić, director of Civil Protection of Tuzla Canton Zdenko Tadić, director of IT company Multiline Fuad Begović and assistant Jasmin Redžić. Support to the organization of the round table was given by the government representatives of Tuzla Canton and the relevant Ministry of Science Culture and Sports. The round table was opened and moderated by Prof. Adila Nurić. She presented the basic framework of BAEKTEL project and briefly presented the main goals and tasks of the project to the representatives of companies, as well as the activities completed so far. Created OER materials available within and portal were also introduced.

During the discussion that followed representatives of entrepreneurial companies congratulated the project partners on the performed work and gave them full support in their activity. They gave some suggestions for the content of OER materials created by academics, which would be interesting from the point of view of the employer. They also expressed a desire to contribute for their part by engaging professionals from companies with previous training to create their own OER materials. Director of RMU Banovići invited representatives of UNTZ to come to visit the mine and hold a lecture to employees who would then continue working on the development of OER materials related to this prestigious firm. Representatives of other companies have also expressed a desire for future cooperation which would contribute to the sustainability of the project.

WP 3: Porf. Ranka Stanković continued with the workshop on how to use the terms of TERMI in OER materials (WP 3), with emphasis on linking terminology and open educational resources to the meta portal. She shared the experience gained during cooperation with another Tempus project CASA, with whom BAEKTEL had successful inter-project coaching. During the workshop, she went through several different types of OER materials and put the focus at the need for entry of terms for keywords used in specific OER materials. New features in TERMI application were also presented related to the integration of multimedia content and to linking resources externally.

WP 4: During the continuation of the workshop an overview of evaluation in all aspects and particularly in relation to published OER materials was provided. The recommendation was for post-evaluation activities, for improvement of existing OER materials, for creating new materials, and entering and improving metadata that define all OER materials, not only courses stored at edX.

After a short break, concluding remarks were made, and tasks defined that should be performed until the next meeting in Ljubljana. All partners are committed to bring to the next meeting ten terms with full definitions and bibliography for at least 4 courses.