TECHNICAL MEETING, 8-10 of December 2016 Belgrade

Niš tech

After registration of the participants and welcome address of Prof. Nikolic, the meeting started with the first session titled "Overview of recent project activities". It was discussed in details about the activities, results (deliverables) and conclusion at recently finished meetings (Regional Meeting in Tuzla, October 20-21, 2016; Training Meeting in Ljubljana, November 10-11, 2016; Technical and Workshop Meeting in Belgrade, November 23-25, 2016). Special attention was paid to the discussion of Dr. Linzalone during the meeting in Ljubljana (related to eligible cost during the prolongation of the project and the need to make a good and real projection of expenses until the end of project). It was particularly emphasized that all our activities and plans in agendas for previous and future meetings (including this one in Niš) must be coordinated with the LFM.

Next session was devoted to Dev. 2.4. It was discussed about the documents related to this issue uploaded to SP. Just before the meeting UNI has finished its obligations related to this Dev. Taking into account the available documents at SP it was concluded that this activity can be terminated by writing final report.

The second day meeting started with the session titled "Sustainability of BAEKTEL project". The starting point was the presentation about this item. It was mentioned that both documents Sustainability Strategy, as a long term approach based on a shared vision to achieve defined outcomes, and Action Plan who set out the intended method of progressing from the current situation to achievement of one or more desired outcomes were already defined within WP 7.

Special attention was paid to consistency between the objectives of the BAEKTEL project with national regulation, as well as with various priorities set by the government and its ability to attract required support from various stakeholders. It was mentioned that the level and degree of acceptability of BAEKTEL project to the higher education institutions can be very important and should be taken into account.

Considering of all the BAEKTEL platform aspects and already finished tasks it can be concluded that the sustainability of the BAEKTEL project will be achieved.

The introduction to the second session was short presentation about the BOER network and so called step-by-step methodology. It was pointed out that development and implementation of a broader regional Balkan OER network could be very important result in process of interconnecting and sharing of OER’s between higher education and/or other institutions, first of all between Balkan countries and their universities. All participants agreed that initially BOER network should be established with nodes based in partner's institutions. After that the network can evaluate as global network across Balkan.

All participants agreed also that earlier defined and uploaded (to SP) BOER Letter of Intent can be accepted as a first step in development of BOER network. In that sense, it was concluded that the mentioned letter should be forward to Dr. Linzalone, who need to pass the letter to all rectors of BAEKTEL partner universities and directors for signing.

The third day meeting started with discussion about Internal quality assurance 3. It was concluded that the plan proposed during the training meeting in Ljubljana can be accepted and realized on time.

Second session was concerned to some (for UNTZ important open) questions about terminology database, about clear statement connected to the procedures for adding and using of TERMI application. All dilemmas were successfully solved.

Discussion about future activities was concerned to possible modification of LFM. It was concluded that the suggestion and conclusion made by Dr, Linzalone during the Training meeting in Ljubljana is good stated and should be realized as soon as possible.

At the end, the main points of the technical meeting were summarized. It was concluded that the meeting was successful for participants, but for the BAEKTEL project too.