Dissemination meeting Novi Sad - Belgrade, 24-25 March 2017 Serbia


On March 24th 2017 NIS organized a dissemination event in Novi Sad, chaired by Snežana Lakićević, Nis, and Ivan Obradović, UB. With welcome and greetings by Andrej Šibanov, director in NIS, participants were introduced with mission and goals of NIS for education support. Snežana Lakićević, described interaction between academia and industry, while Ivan Obradović introduced participants, among whom were teachers and students of University of Novi Sad, to the state of the art of open education resources. Ranka Stanković, UB, presented the main features and possibilities offered by BAEKTEL metadata portal for OER description and indexing.

Filip Ilić, specialist for mechanized production of oil and gas from NIS and Marko Vanić, management of R&D in NIS, both former students of University of Belgrade, demonstrated best practice examples from NIS that are indexed on BAEKTEL metaportal as OERs. In the discussion that followed experiences in OER production and usage within the project were shared. After the networking lunch, partners attended a working session where they discussed further dissemination and sustainability activities.

The second meeting day on March 25th, 2017 took place at Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade, where Roberto Linzalone moderated the session dedicated to preparation for final report with review of current state of the art. Also, the budget redistribution details were agreed and prediction of final expenses overview was given for each partner and project line.

External quality assurance was discussed, and the third party, external experts’ requests were introduced. For final report, WP leaders should prepare respective reports for WPs and coordinate input of partners involved. It was agreed that the coordinator and colleagues with longer experience in preparing final reports will provide some assistance and guidelines to less experienced colleagues.

Tempus Office and EACEA notes and feedback from their last field monitoring visit to UNIM were analyzed, and preparation for a forthcoming field monitoring visit to UNITZ on April 5th 2017 was discussed.

Date for dissemination event in Podgorica was set to April, 27 and 28, 2017, Day 1 - dissemination and Day 2 – coordination.

Deadline for draft version of final report online document was set for April 15th.

It was agreed that the existent and last version of the BOER Letter is the final one and that all partners should forward it to their respective rectors/directors for signing.

The meeting was closed with a review of the activities to be completed related to the sustainability of the project and quality report as well as other technical, financial and managerial issues.