The final project dissemination meeting


The final dissemination meeting of the BAKTEL project was organized on 27-28 April 2017 at the Faculty for Information Technologies, University „Mediterranean“ Podgorica. Participants of meeting were reperesantuiteves of higher educatin instutions in Montenegro, IT companies and Erasmus+ office in Montenegro

In the introductory note, the Vice-rector prof. dr Janko Radulović welcomed all present and pointed out that the aim of the meeting is to present and disseminate project results after three years of its implementation, as well as to exchange of experience of work on the project.

Project Coordinator, Roberto Lizalone pointed out that the BAEKTEL project importance is reflected primarily in the fact that the academic community has been informed about possibilities of using OER in learning during trainings, study visits and workshops. The project also contributed to informing the business community representatives on using technlogy enhanced learning in general, and the importance of their involvement in the process of creating OER . He also emphasized the fact that it is necessary to work further on awareness raising on OER and on the strengthening of cooperation between higher education and labour market. It was pointed out that BAEKTEL project work has only started OER initiative, and that there is much to be done ahead in order to include OER as recommendation in national strategies and legal documents of Universities and to create them such a manner to make them compatabile with to the labour market needs.

Representatives of the BAEKTEL University and industrial partners presented the results of the projects achieved at their institutions - they shared their experience and the challenges they faced during of work on the project. Adila Nurić presented the legislative framework that foresees the obligation to create and publish OER at University of Tuzla. This kind of information will be useful for all higher educations as well.

Special sessions were organized for presentations of BAEKTEL OER platform (, BAEKTEL Meta Data portal ( and start up initiative for creating Balkan Open Educational Resorce Network (BOER). Prof. Ivan Obradović, University of Belgrade, Serbia explained the importance and advantages of using technlogy enganced learning and OER in formal and life long learning. Advanced techical possibilites of BAEKTEL OER platform and meta data were presented by prof. Ranka Stankovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia Prof. Snezana Scepanovic , University of "Mediterranean", Montenegro presented dissemination activities and long term Sustainability plan. During presentation, prof. Scepanovic informed participants about start up initiative for creating Balkan Open Educational Resorce Network (BOER).

At the end of first meeting day, open discussion about future iniciatives of BOER network all participants from academy and industry

During the second meeting day on april 28th, 2017 , project Coordinator Roberto Linzalone moderated the session dedicated to preparation for final report with review of current state of the art. Also, the budget redistribution details were agreed and prediction of final expenses overview was given for each partner and project line.