BAEKTEL Working Meeting (Legal conditions), Tuzla, March 12-13, 2015

BAEKTEL Worshop, Tuzla
MEETING SUMMARY –Working meeting (Legal conditions), Tuzla, March 12-13, 2015

Participants welcomed the organizer of the working meeting Adila Nuric and wished all of them welcome to Tuzla and Bosnia and Herzegovina and successful work on the set tasks during a meeting in Tuzla. Participants were informed about the agenda of the meeting and made amendments, which concerned the notification and agreement on administrative tasks and obligations of participants in the project and a short notice to participants on the establishment BAEKTEL network.

Information about activities in WP2 presented Alexander Borkovic University of Banja Luka. He presented that it is completed report for DEV2.1 and that was handed over to the further procedure for translation. Regarding the DEV2.2 stated that he had already done several training courses including a meeting that is currently being held in Tuzla. DEV2.3 is underway. DEV2.4 who specializes in the procurement of equipment necessary for the realization of the project is also under construction. The tender procedure has been completed at the University of Belgrade, Nis and Kragujevac, University of Banja Luka has launched the tender procedure, while the University of Tuzla is not able to still run a tender because no budget adopted at the cantonal governments. The final conclusion is that it seeks to Roberto Linzalone send inquiry EACEA agency on the validity of the document issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the country that purchased the equipment from the supplier.

In the following, Sasa Tatar is instructed present in the procedures and guidelines for publication of OER content. Details presented and explained each item of publication OER content and rules that must be followed when setting up the same. The discussion is conducted in terms of publishing audio and video recording and use of existing services for the publication where the question was by Amir Hadzimehmedovic way to control editing and commenting facilities and even a guarantee that the content will be published on this service, as well as the appearance of a problem with advertising published content. As a problem was listed the insufficient throughput capacity of the network in the case with the simultaneous a large number of registered users on the network. In addition, as a problem can occur ways of indexing material positioned on the different services and their further search. Marko Zivkovic agreed with Amir's remark regarding the problem of publishing content using public services and that on the go must adapt policies and procedures for the use of such services as part of our project. As the problem is highlighted motivation of companies and how they select and publish their content. The company must have an interest to publish content and to decide for the service that he can offer materials.

Conclusion: All future reports should be licensed under a valid license and should be used materials that are licensed or have permission to use, as well as in translating this material takes into account the percentage of originality from the used resources. Created materials may not be located at first on the EDX but to be sure to indexed under the Resource Space.

Following the meeting, Marko Zivkovic informed the participants about the past activities on the establishment of an information network and establishing nodes. He said that was abandoned due to the complexity of the SSO login and to propose a new model through users table. Amir H. posed a question synchronization of all nodes. Highlighted the problem of support to end users specific EDX. It was suggested that in designing the network include all that can give fast and quality solutions. Amir Hadzimehmedovic presented all currently available resources UNTZ for acquiring the node noting that with the proposed acquisition of equipment foresees procurement additional resources that would enable smooth operation node in UNTZ.

After the break, continued working meeting in the proposal UNTZ regulations for publishing OER content. Suad Kasapović gave a detailed and comprehensive proposal of regulations leading to the basic principles of the world's universities who are also using EDX platform. Alexander Borkovic confirmed previously disclosed Suad statement that in our region there is no broadly defined regulations relating to publishing OER content. UNBL team will take the initiative of adopting more lenient sight guidelines for publication of OER content and that the report made DEV2.1 be the basis for a proposal of such a document. Also, the opinion is that the basis of regulations should be reviewers who will evaluate the content that should be published taking into account all the procedures that must be complied with and that reviewers should be the specific field of publishing content. Ranka Stankovic also noted that UNB does not own regulations and that their proposal that is based on the performed procedures and guidelines for publishing OER content from DEV2.1. Mark Milojkovic presented a proposal regulation and that the regulation should be essentially based on motivation, licensing, fulfilling copy right conditions, and that each university should have built politics as a form of regulation, as well as offering technical support. Special emphasis is given to the motivation of teachers for posting content. Nenad Stefanovic has given proposal regulations through an incremental approach, starting from students, faculty, teachers, and to industrial partners. As regards faculty is necessary to provide support through quality assurance, securing initiatives, information and infrastructure construction.

In addition to the agenda, Roberto used the time to raise awareness about the administrative tasks that take into account the 10% co-financing, and to follow in June audit documents and that we should all be ready with your documents. He also stressed the need to spend € 100,000 to be able to look for the next tranche of Brussels. Need is the realization of at least two procurement of equipment with which it will justify the current costs, but for that we need to have coverage in paid accounts. He informed the attendees that are expected to select external auditors to revise the project. Also, he noted that as of 1 June expected to be completed internal report on QA to be done to Iasi. Discussed the outline plan of mobility, the coordinator will soon prepare a draft version of a mobility plan for 2015 and indicated that he left for a meeting in Banja Luka.

Started a discussion on regulations and is tentatively agreed that common regulation should include only a limited number of items that each university must follow to publish OER content within BAEKTEL portal. Details of the publication specified in the report DEV2.1 and regulation should contain the following: licensing, compliance copy right conditions, the motivation of educators and technical support to the university as well as the introduction of these regulations in the laws of the university. A special emphasis is given after discussions representatives of ArcelorMittal is the inclusion of companies in the publishing OER content and ways of motivating employees of enterprises to participate in this project. In the discussion included all present.

The conclusion on this issue remained at the level of defining the basic items that legislation should contain, and to a meeting in Banja Luka should each of the University shall submit its final opinion. Next conclusion of the workshop is to proceed further on the joint construction of BAEKTEL network where any suggestion to a better solution is is welcome and were advised to closer Collaboration among universities that could lead to faster resolution of problems of connecting nodes. The framework agreement is adopted that a technical meeting in Banja Luka hold 17 and 18 April 2015. It was proposed to EU universities declare themselves on terms training meetings in their institutions. Danijela Milosevic is opinion that first of all we need to hold that kind of training sessions, and then move on to holding trainings within the countries of the Western Balkans. She drew attention from the upcoming report to be submitted to Brussels and that all pay more attention to the items to be included in report.

Students, in the introductory part, were aware of by Adila Nuric with the project BAEKTEL, who are partners on the project and what is the primary purpose and function of the project and what the objectives to be achieved are. After presenting the project and guests from the University of Ljubljana, Belgrade, Kragujevac and student Armin Zukic introduced presentation intended for students with which they were introduced to the basic elements of OER and the importance of this project for our university, canton and region in general.

After completing the presentation, followed by discussion and the students had many questions starting with ways to involve them, on the types of courses that will be set up, on the method of evaluation of courses, on the weight of the contents, etc. The answers to the students gave representatives of universities Milivoj Vulic, Adila Nuric, Danijela Milosevic, Nenad Stefanovic, Samir Nuric, Amir Hadzimehmedovic, Ranka Stankovic, Suad Kasapovic and student presenter Armin Zukic.

Students received leaflets, with which represent the project BAEKTEL.

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