Internal Quality Assurance - ICT node network security and network performance 14-16 of October 2015 Niš, Serbia

On the first day Marko Živković organized lectures concerning next topics:
  • DNS systems and internet security
  • IPv6 protocol implementation
  • Backup and dissaster recovery and network security

After the lecturing there was an open discussion about implementing security solutions (both network and data security) and securing DNS system. Dalibor sugested that regular inspection of DNS parameters and implemented firewall software is enough to secure server which runs DNS service.

On the second day Mr. Živković once again organized lectures, but this time it concerned the topic titled "The principles of protection of the exchange point network" after which there was an open discussion on various IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) tools and also on the infrastructure of Serbian Academic network. The discussion focused on the Serbian Academic network solutions that can be used in our network infrastrucure.

On the third day there was a workshop consisted of two parts. The first part included testing and comparing various firewall softwares and the second was about testing OpenLDAP tool used for managing digital identities. OpenLDAP is an alternative solution to the system that we currently use and is part of Office365 platform.