Tempus monitoring visite meeting, 24 of March 2016, Belgrade, Serbia


Monitoring meeting was held in Belgrade on 24. March at faculty of Mining and Geology. At meeting were members of ERASMUS+ office as well as member of BAEKTEL teams of Universities of Belgrade, Kragujevac and Nis. Also at meeting were attended partners from economy-NIS.

At the beginning of all those present were greeted by Zoran Gligorić, the vice dean for science and marketing at faculty of Mining and Geology, he welcomed attendees and wish them successful work. Then Professor Ivan Obradovic presented the results to date of the project. During the presentation, Professor Obradovic made a review of the planning tasks of the project and compared them with current implementation. Also, he explained all phases of the project and pointed out the results of each stage separately.

Professor Danijela Milošević presented the results to date of the project related to WP4, while professor Ranka Stankovic presented the results of the project related to WP3. Professor Stanković has demonstrated the resources developed during the project BAEKTEL. Also Professor Stankovic stressed the importance of developing a lexical resource for multy linguistic content. Marija Radojičić presented the results related to WP6 and shared experiences about workshops held for teachers in primary and secondary education.

With representatives of the ERASMUS + office were discussed about current issues and future activities of the project. Also was initiated the issue of external evaluation and there were resolved a couple of concerns regarding the future implementation of the project.

At the end of the meeting members of the Erasmus + Office conducted a review of equipment procured through the project BAEKTEL.