Training and Dissemination Meeting, Belgrade, September 22-24, 2014

Training and Dissemination Meeting, Belgrade
MEETING SUMMARY – Training and Dissemination Meeting, Belgrade, September 22-24, 2014

A training and dissemination meeting of the BAEKTEL project took place in Belgrade, Serbia, from 22th until 24th of September, 2014, gathering representatives from all academic partners and ArcelorMittal Prijedor.

On the first day of the meeting two training sessions and a round table were held at Metropolitan University, within the eLearning conference ( . The first session was about "Seamless learning in new learning spaces", presented by Professor Marcus Specht from Open University of the Netherlands, and the second entitled "Quality for Education through Innovation and e-Learning" by Professor Christian M. Stracke from University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

A round table: "Quality of MOOCs: Are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) threats or opportunities for education? " followed, moderated by Ms Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic, former Chief of the HE Section of UNESCO with Professors Dragan Domazet, Rector of Belgrade Metropolitan University, Marcus Specht, Open University of the Netherlands, Christian M. Stracke, University of Duisburg-Essen and Roberto Linzalone, University of Basilicata, as panellists. Several brochures related to Quality in Online Learning were distributed to participants.

In the afternoon results of the BAEKTEL project were disseminated by presentation of tree research papers:

  • Legal and technological conditions for open educational resources in Serbia by M. Blagojević and D. Milošević
  • Creating an environment for free education and technology enhanced learning by M. Radojičić, I. Obradović, S. Tatar, R. Linzalone, G. Schiuma and D. Carlucci
  • Using metadata for content indexing within an open network by R. Stanković, O. Kitanović, I. Obradović, R. Linzalone, G. Schiuma and D. Carlucci

All training sessions, round table and presentations were video recorded.

On the second day the training continued at the Faculty of Mining and Geology with the presentation on "How to do screen recording" by Saša Tatar from UBL who presented the software for screen display recording Camtasia Studio 8 and CamStudio as well as the use of two drawing programs, Smooth Draw and AutoDesk SketchbookPro. At the end of the second day a training session on licences was offered by Dragan Satarić, from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and board member of Wikimedia Serbia, who presented Creative Commons (CC-RS) Serbia ( Several brochures about related topics where distributed. It was concluded that CC-BY-SA is most appropriate for the project, but that each OER can have a different license.

On the third day, a BAEKTEL edX workshop, conducted by Marija Radojičić from University of Belgrade was held, and all participants had hands-on experience in registering, logging to the platform, access to the courses, enrolment to the course, as well as access to the EDX studio, and finaly creating their own course.

The training was concluded by a BMP (BAEKTEL Metadata Portal) presentation, given by Nikola Vulović (UB), within which participants practiced the main skills for using the BMP Portal by creating meta-data for the edX courses they produced during the previous training session.

At the end of the meeting several technical issues were discussed, the main points of the meeting were summarized, and a to-do-list with clear identifications of main milestones and check-points for the future was set.

Photo gallery is available on official facebook page [link].